Camp Sertoma

Our Cause

Updated Sunday July 3, 2016 by James Jurey.

The football and cheer program is the revenue generator for our biggest cause - sending children with hearing disabilities and other communicative disorders to Camp Sertoma. The camp is focused on enpowing children with hearing disabilities and building self confidence, as well as just some good old fashioned fun!

A family with a child that suffers from hearing deficiencies or loss can be extremely stressful at times, as well as expensive. Hearing aids alone can range from $1,200-$6,000 and most insurance plans do not cover the cost. This does not include the costs associated with regular visits to the audiologist for check ups and evaluations. Even the Affordable Care Act has only expanded coverage to include newborn hearing screening as a "preventative-care" measure.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 37 million people suffer from some level of hearing of hearing impairment. If hearing loss were considered an official disability, it would be the largest disability class in our country. You read that right, "IF hearing loss was considered an official disability" - currently it is not. That number is only expected to increase.

Although that number is very large, we aim to make a difference one child at a time starting from within out local community!

If you or someone you know has a child that has a hearing disability, you can inquire about applying for one of our Camp Sertoma Scholarships here. Our club traditionally sends kids in the month of June. Thanks to everyone's support we were able to send six kids in 2016!