What You Need To Know About Being A Football Coach

Updated Wednesday July 26, 2017 by James Jurey.

Being a footbal coach in Summerville Sertoma's youth program is more than just teaching the fundamentals of football. As a football coach we are mentors and role models to all of the kids, whether they are on the respective team we are coaching or on the opposing team. The Board feels strongly about having coaches with great integrity and high morals. The Board also feels it is important to take steps to insure that the players are in the safest enviroment possible. This is why we require background checks for all coaches, and that all coaches attain a Level 1 Certification through USA Football. All coaches are also required to attend a Coach Clinic where we will discuss expectations, 2016 League Rules, and meet with some of the head referees for a Q&A session on rules.

Requirements for coaching:‚Äč

  1. Application: Required for all new coaches to the program
  2. Coach's Code of Conduct: Required by every coach, every year
  3. Background Check: Required for ALL coaches
  4. USA Football Level 1 Certification ($25 membership required): Required by every coach and must be renewed every year
  5. Attend Coach Clinic on August 21st 10am-12pm


If you are interested in being a coach and you have more questions, please contact the following commissioners for your respectve league.

Mighty Mights: Brian Vicars

Bantam: Chris Swift

A-League: Derrick McMichael

B-League: Kevin Betzold