"The Summerville SERTOMA Youth Football (SSYF) mission is to teach boys and girls the fundamentals of football, sportsmanship and the importance of goal setting all in a caring and supportive atmosphere."

"We are committed to teaching your child the proper fundamentals of football in a non-threatening environment. We have local area coaches and football players who have years of football experience.  Our camp staff will donate their time and resources to insure that your child's camp experience is a memorable one."
Sertoma Football Camp Mission
Thud Camp (Semi-Contact Camp)
In 2010, Sertoma expanded its Camps to include semi-contact drills for properly equipped campers.  While our skills camps offer very good knowledge and develop sound fundamentals, we wanted to offer a way to continue building on these fundamentals. 

These camps include partial-contact drills that will allow players to get acclimated with equipment, and to improve on the techniques that they have learned.  Drills are conducted individually with dummies and in one-on-one situations with appropriate pairings and limited aggression.  In order to build on the individual drills learned during camp, limited aggression scrimmages and group drills are also performed to get participants comfortable with playing as a team. 

These camps are designed for Helmet and Shoulder Pads.  If you do not have equipment, it is possible that you can rent equipment to participate in the camp.
Equipment and resources for players, coaches and fans.
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Sertoma Football Camps
General Football Camp
When fall practice begins, a football coach simply does not have the time needed to work with individuals perfecting the little things that help provide a competitive advantage.  To obtain mastery of football skills like anything else requires not only repetition and hard work, but also formal training.  

All of our Sertoma camps are designed to help athletes work toward improving their individual performance while working on both fundamentals and skills at specific specialty positions. 

During our Semi-Contact camps, younger athletes will NOT participate in the contact portions, but WILL work on advancing their skills with non-contact drills.
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Football Camps:
Ages 6 to 10 - Fundamentals based instruction for the Complete Football Player (beginner to advanced). Fun-based competitions for prizes.
Ages 11 to 15 - Specialized fundamentals where the player chooses an offensive and defensive position (Semi Contact).

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Camp 1
July 7-10 @ Gahagan Field

Camp 2
July 28-31 @ Gahagan Field

Camp 3
Upper Dorchester - Pending